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Summer Camp Registration is Now Open

Start the Summer with some big-time fun! Science and Art/Drama Camps will take place  (9 am-12 noon) June 6-10 and June 13-17. More information and registration materials can be found here

Registration for the 2016-2017 School Year

Interested in finding out more about our Preschool? We still have a few spots available for the following ages- 2’s, 4’s and Transitional Kindergarten.  We currently have a wait list for the 3 year old program. Call (919) 865-5725 today to set up a tour.  Please feel free to bring your children with you when you come to see the school. Registration Forms and additional information can be found on our Admissions page. Pictures of our classrooms and outdoor spaces can be found here.

The Preschool hallways are bright and colorful- come see!



Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!

Read about St. Raphael Preschool’s unique focus on Science, published in the October issue of NCEA Elementary Department Newsletter, a publication of the National Catholic Education Association.

From the Director:

Welcome to St. Raphael Preschool! We recognize that you as parents are the first and primary educators of your children. As a Catholic preschool, we also recognize that children crave moral and spiritual meaning, and so we strive to support your home efforts as we nurture our young students’ growth in knowledge and love of Christ. A child who has formed a relationship with our loving God and whose spiritual connections are supported within a secure faith community like the one here at St. Raphael’s, will be a child who grows in trust and peace, is emotionally resilient, is happy and hopeful, and who has great regard for himself and for others.

The educational program we offer at Saint Raphael Preschool is based on knowledge of how children develop and learn and on an understanding of the essential elements required in order for children to grow in knowledge and ability. Language and literacy, math, science, creative expression, faith development, socio-emotional understanding, physical development, health and safety are all included in our curriculum. Learning objectives within each of these areas are addressed as children participate in active, hands-on experiences that engage their curiosity and interests. Because preschool-aged children are natural ‘scientists-in-waiting’ and love exploring their world, we place particular attention on science content and skills (e.g., observing, comparing and contrasting, measuring, predicting, recording) to expand children’s knowledge and their growing ability to reason. Finally, because children most certainly learn best in an environment that is responsive, warm, nurturing, and stable and where limits are clear, consistent and reasonable, it is this loving, ‘family’ environment that we strive to provide at Saint Raphael Preschool.

In the Bible we read how God sent the angel Raphael (our patron) to safely guide Tobit, Tobias and Sarah on their life journeys, drawing them into fulfilling relationships with each other. We pray that St. Raphael will similarly guide and protect all our Saint Raphael Preschool children and their families, and that God will bless the relationships they and we will form throughout our time together.

Yours in Christ,

Carrie Griffith