Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung with new life as our children are getting to see the stages of growth in action! Our Otters class watched as their lima beans grew over the course of two weeks and how the flowers in their classroom garden are starting to grow. Our Transitional Kindergarten class planted “Funky Vegetables” and are anticipating the growth of purple carrots and tiger striped tomatoes!




Water Cycle Investigation!

Our Red Tie Teddy class had some fun investigating how much condensation clouds can hold before it rains - Check out the visual instructions so you can try this at home! 



Exploring Learning Styles

Our teachers are always inventing new ways to teach our children how to learn letter recognition. Our Red Tie Teddy class took turns identifying the picture and deciding what the item began with - an H or a V? The Pandas host a Letter Land activity where they focus on a letter and act it out. They will never forget that fireman starts with an F!


Highlights of Catholic Schools Week!

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Math & Science Fun!

Our first Family Math and Science Night was a huge success! This will surely be the first of many. Special thanks to our Parent Science Committee for the amazing activities in the Lewis Room. Click HERE to see a video of the water rockets!