Fall Science Fun

The three-year-old Frogs class has been “fall”-ing in love with science this month!  We’ve introduced the scientific method through fall themed centers.  The children have made predictions about apples and pumpkins.  They measured and sorted gourds and leaves and then had a chance to graph and journal their observations.  The Frogs also learned about bulbs and had the opportunity to plant some in our garden.  We can’t wait to see our flowers bloom in the Spring.  Who knew that getting our hands messy with science could be so much fun!


Living or Nonliving?

The 4 year old Otter class dived into this week’s lesson learning all about living and nonliving. They read nonfiction text to introduce the topic and learn about the basic needs of plants, animals and humans. After learning what living and nonliving things need, they were asked a very important question: Are YOU living? Working together, the Otters determined that they were indeed living because they need food and water to survive, they grow and change, and they need air to breathe. Using their new knowledge the class sorted different picture cards, based on these basic needs, to determine if the picture showed a living or non living object. These young scientists enjoy learning about the world around them!


Pumpkin Jack

Throughout October pumpkins could be seen in every Preschool classroom. All month long children observed and measured them, pounded pegs into them, and even decorated them with paint and stickers. After being inspired by the book Pumpkin Jack by Will Hubbell, the Red Tie Teddy class put their pumpkin out on the playground. Each day the students run over to their garden to observe the changes in their pumpkin. Once round and firm, now it has become flat and squishy. The Red Ties hope to see new pumpkin plants sprout from its seeds in the spring, just like what happened in Pumpkin Jack!


Fire Safety

St. Raphael Preschool welcomed some special visitors this week- firefighters from Raleigh Fire Department’s Station 15! Three firefighters talked to us about important fire safety tips, like calling 911 in an emergency, practicing stop, drop, and roll, and having smoke alarms in your house. We got to see each piece of safety equipment as one firefighter showed us how he got dressed. He sounded like Darth Vader when he breathed through his mask! The highlight of the visit was getting to go inside their firetruck. We are thankful for these brave helpers in our community!


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