Parent Comments

“Our child has become independent and confident.  We believe he feels at home in his classroom with his teachers and classmates.  He has a sense of his faith which is reinforced daily in his classroom.  He is truly experiencing a foundation which he will take with him for years to come.”

“God is so good and we have been so blessed by our children’s teachers this year.  They have been amazing teachers and we have watched our children blossom and grow.”

“What I like most about the Preschool is that the people are great – like family!  I know that my daughter is watched out for and cared about when she is there.  Everyone seems to genuinely care and are open to comments or questions that may come up.  More pros:  prayer, respect, leading by example.”

“My child’s teachers provide an extremely rich and purposeful educational experience for the students.  Every minute of the day is a learning opportunity that is used wisely.”

“We have had 3 wonderful years at the Preschool – thank you!  You and your staff have created a warm and nurturing environment for the children to learn and grow.  As a “work outside the home mom,” it has been very comforting to know that each day my son was loved and cared for – truly.  Thank you and keep up the great work!”

“Thank you for sharing your passion for learning with our daughter.  She has greatly improved her social and creative skills this past year. We are confident that she will do well next year in kindergarten and you helped contribute to this.”

“Thanks for 2 wonderful years at St. Raphael Preschool. I know it is through your wonderful leadership that families and staff are so happy here.  I especially love how you respect that all children deserve a loving environment in which to continue learning and developing.”

“Our son has grown more this year that we could have ever imagined, and we owe that all to the two of you – his teachers.  He has learned to respect others, he raises his hand when he needs something and he leads our prayers every night before dinner.  These are just a few of the many things our son has learned this year.  We can’t thank you enough for what you do to develop young minds.” 

“I love the feeling of community and togetherness experienced through interaction with the teachers and the families of the Preschool.”

“I love how warm and loving my son’s teachers have been.  He just loves them and it has really made for a smooth transition for him.  He looks forward to going to school and I think that speaks volumes for the inviting atmosphere they’ve created.”