About the Preschool


St. Raphael Preschool understands an appropriate early school experience offers a nurturing environment where children have the freedom to play, learn and interact with one another, discovering the wonders of God’s world in the course of a child-oriented day.  The preschool provides children opportunities to form relationships—with God, teachers and peers—and to grow in trust and respect while recognizing the worth of every individual.

We recognize that young children learn effectively through discovery and exploration. Simultaneously, we extend children’s thinking and knowledge by providing activities and resources determined by age-appropriate learning goals.  Children develop self-confidence in a learning environment that affords opportunities for success and understands that learning involves trial and error.

Mission Statement

St. Raphael Preschool provides a safe, nurturing learning environment that promotes Catholic values and fosters the dispositions and competencies that prepare children for future learning and life experiences. We respect and value each individual and family and the unique contributions they offer to our community. 


To meet the individual needs of the young child by allotting time and opportunity in a planned Catholic educational environment for the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth of the child

To give each child ample opportunity to work and play independently, to learn to live effectively with himself and others, to develop a sense of identity and worth, to experience success, and to enrich and broaden all areas of the child’s development

To provide a religious education program and faith experiences that will nurture the young child’s growth in love and knowledge of Christ.

For more information, please see the Parent Handbook.

History of St. Raphael Preschool